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 Chris van Waes Antique, Antiques dealer in Poeldijk, Westland, offers a large collection of high quality antiques. Pieces of small furniture, French polished mahogany, oak wood, chest of drawers, cabinet, cupboard, wine table playing, card or bridge table, dining table extendable tables, professionally restored, chair, clocks and other clock works, crystal, chandeliers, lamps, mirrors, style Biedermeier, Louis Philippe, William III the third, jugendstil, art nouveau, art d?co, deco, silver, candle sticks, decanters, ginger coupes, Dutch and English silverware, special collectors items, from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Schoonhoven, Voorschoten. Covers, Hollands glad, loderein box, sewing articles, hallmarks, responsibility marks, maker’s marks, year letter, jewels, gold, platinum, white gold with precious or gem stones like diamonds, brilliant, rose, sapphire, ruby, rubies, emerald, rings, necklaces, bracelets, string of pearls, paintings, still life, landscape, exhibitions with modern art, Gouda plateel, porcelain.

Chris van Waes Antique, situated at the Jan Barendselaan 66 in Poeldijk, Westland, The Netherlands, offers high quality antiques in all price ranges.

Very regularly he holds exhibitions in co-operation with artists. On those occasions, artists show their paintings, statues and other art. Each piece is beautiful and exclusive.

 Antique furniture

 This antiques dealer’s collection consists  of various kinds and sizes of furniture like a chest of drawers, dresser, needle work table, coffee table, sideboard, wine table, extendable table, French dining table, kitchen table, cabinet, bedside table, chair, armchair, corner cupboard, writing table, secretaire, secretary, a table with a top that can be unfolded, tea table, writing or reading desk, music stand, till top table, for those who love to play bridge a playing table or card table and many small pieces of furniture.

Shapes can be round, oval, square or rectangular. For a desk or writing table you can go to Chris van Waes.


Chris van Waes has an extensive collection of antique silver, like a teapot, coffee pot sugar ladle, sugar sifting spoon, napkin ring, basket, a sweets basket or bonbonniere, photo frames, ginger fork and also a ginger cover, tea spoon, tea caddy spoon, sugar spoon, sugar tong, match box, decorative cork, letter opener, covers in various models, lodderein boxes, silver handbag, pouch, cake or pastry server to serve your cake or any other food in a festive way, tea and coffee spoon, salad cover, serving ladle like vegetable ladle, gravy ladle, jam or marmalade ladle, fork an knife, bread basket, compote ladle, meat fork, butter knife, cake serving fork, salt cellar or salt shaker, egg cup, sweets basket, pair of grapes scissors, grape washer, liquor spoon, a cassette and all other things you can think of for a festive table. For in the showcase there are spoon boxes, cigar holders, tea sifters.

Silver, decorative and useful antiques

For decoration or for the collector, your collection: peppermint boxes, needle case, thimble, buttonhook, shoehorn. A lot of the silver is made in the famous silver city in Holland called Schoonhoven. The silver or gold smith makes lovely pieces of art  out precious metal like silver and gold. Every silversmith has his own responsibility mark or maker’s mark. Silver and gold are hallmarked with hallmarks, a year letter and city marks like London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Chester, the Midlands, East Anglia, the south west, York, Newcastle, Wales. Van Waes has silver form all over the world. Also American sterling silver.

Dutch silver is marked with a lion for big objects or works, a sward for small objects and the Minerva head.

Candle sticks

A house with atmosphere needs candle sticks made of copper, brass, silver, bronze or wood. They originate from various countries like Holland, England or United Kingdom, UK, France, Belgium, Germany. Also wall candle sticks, piano candle sticks. So they are Dutch, English, French, Belgian or Flemish, German.

Clocks and other timepieces, timekeepers

In order to stay up to date, you buy a rare antique clock. This antiques dealer has many kinds of antique clocks. A table clock, pendulum, travel clock, alarm clock, comtoise with folding pendulum or harp pendulum. Watches: pocket watch, ladies and men’s watch.

Glass and crystal

Very finely cut crystal, decanters mounted with silver, perfume bottles, bell jar, roll tops, vase, wine glasses, a glass for every application. Rose bowl. A lot of glass in Holland is made in Leerdam and in former days by Kristalunie in Maastricht. They used to make frozen glass.


In the field of decorative antiques Van Waes has a letter box for on your desk, an old suitcase, a stool, and plant hanger, binocular, magnifying glass, floor lamp, standard lamp, a ginger coupe, fruit dish. A bronze statue made of composite.

Paintings an other wall decorations

Paintings and other wall decorations are part of every interior. There are oil paintings on canvas or on wood, watercolors or watercolours, lithograph, etching, either coloured or not, prints. The images can be a still life, landscape, portrait, and old maps. Most painters are well known old masters.

Stiles and style characteristics

Stiles that occur most are Latin, Romanesque or romance, gothic, renaissance, baroque, rococo, Louis stiles called after the French kings, Louis Philippe, Biedermeier, Victorian, Willem or William III the third, this is a neo style, art nouveau or jugendstil,  arts & crafts or arts and crafts, art deco or art d?co. Most of Van Waes’ collection consists of 18th and 19th century objects. Terms or expressions that occur in the description of style characteristics are straight, whiplash, back to nature, accessible for everyone in art nouveau, bended, pillars, gold filled, gold-plated.

Types of wood used in antique furniture

Types of wood that Van Waes has are oak, nut, nut root, palisander, teak, mahogany, massive or laid on, pine. Furniture, cases, boxes often decorated with marquetterie or inlaid wood. 

Restorations are executed only in authentic ways.

Antique Lamps and chandeliers

Chandeliers with many arms, belong to an antique interior. Van Waes has them in crystal in all kinds of models and shapes. The electric wires are always checked before a lamp is added to the collection in the beautiful showroom. 

Antique Jewels and Antique Jewelry

Chris buys and sells jewels like rings, brooches, omega, earrings, bracelets, ear clips. For a beautiful evening out, ladies wear a lovely necklace, rings and a wrist watch. All jewels are made of precious metals silver, yellow and white gold, platinum. The gold is hallmarked with among others the Dutch oak leaf, a tulip, lion. Every piece is made manually of by hand or artisanal. Many of the jewels are set with precious stones like diamond, sapphire, rubies or a single ruby, emerald, aquamarine or other types of beryl or korund.

Also rose cut diamonds. Brilliant cut diamonds or brilliants.

There are also pearls, freshwater or saltwater.

Chris van Waes is a certified / qualified jeweller. He was educated in Schoonhoven. He also does work as a valuer or valuation work as an appraiser, valuer or estimator.